Meet Our Queens

"It's a good thing I was Born a girl, otherwise I'd be a Drag Queen" Dolly Parton
"Drag knows no gender, we will gladly hire you Miss Dolly" SMC

Party Queens is proud to feature some of the biggest names in #YEGDrag representing a healthy dose of the incredible diversity our community has to offer. Be it glamorous, spooky, comedic, dancey, high energy, seductive or some classic diva drag we absolutely have a queen for you!

While we would love to feature every queen on here our Drag Scene grows larger and larger everyday rendering it difficult to add every entertainer to our growing roster. Despite this, if you have specific need or don't see one of your favourite performers below, we won't be shy in finding the perfect performer for you in the YYC Area and Beyond.


Sister Mary Clarence

If you have been a part of the Edmonton night life scene chances are you have heard of this rogue nun on the run. SMC is the brain behind Party Queens and lord knows she loves a good time. This queen will have your guests in stitches with her outrageous stories and "feminine" charm.
Best known for hosting a monthly show at Have Mercy two years. Now the House Queen at Crash Hotel catch her their monthly and many many...many more events throughout the City of Edmonton. 
Her goal is to ensure every guest is having the best time possible and keep your event running smoothly and professionally. Anything you need this queen is there to please!


Gemma NYE

Yeeee-honk! It's Gemma Nye! She may be a clown, but don't take her for Boo Boo The Fool - this queen's drag is polished, clever, and exciting. You can't help but be in awe of this queen's iconic style and expressive lipsync. This non-binary performer is serving glamorous and campy drag through their work with Party Queens and Not Yr Type Productions. You won't soon forget Gemma Nye - and not just cause they leave a trail of glitter wherever they go!


The Legend in her own Lunchtime, Twiggy has been entertaining audiences across Canada and the US. for over 3 Decades! Performing Broadway, Comedy, and Parody with some Celebrity Impersonations along the way, Twiggy has amassed "more Titles than purses" within the Edmonton Community and Finds the Joy and Fun in Female Impersonation! Don't expect flips, flops, or death drops from this queen (she's afraid she might break a hip!) but, you will find kick lines, dancing, and laughter from this "seasoned queen!

Vanity bio pic.jpg

Vanity Fair

With over 20 years under her belt in Edmonton's drag scene Vanity Fair is one of the city's busiest queens. Her involvement in the community ranges from social bar events, charitable work to private functions. Vanity has pretty much done it all over the years, short films, fundraisers, weddings, birthday and retirement parties, hosting the Pride Parade with Shaw TV, the list goes on and on...
Vanity's super polished, sass and class approach to drag makes her an amazing addition to any type of event. As a killer performer her skills include but are not limited to all those classic one named divas we all love and admire, Reba, Dolly, Liza, Shirley, Cher, Celine and many many more.
With years of experience and huge repertoire at her disposal, she has something to fit any occasion. You won't be disappointed!

LaDonna Stone

LaDonna Stone is Edmonton’s up and coming bearded beauty and every bisexuals dream. This androgynous queen is always excited to show off her different outlook on drag and performance styles. LaDonna is never shy on a microphone and is an excitable host at any event. Since debuting on the scene she has proved herself as a sickening performer. LaDonna also released her single "The Woman" on all music streaming services earlier this year. From a ballad to a dance beat to musical theatre, this queen will give you all the emotion you need to survive!


Lilith Fair

Co-creator of The House of HOMO-CIDAL, and Artistic Director of 50% Fruit Productions; Lilith Fair is one of Alberta's top theatre Queens!
A noted comedienne, Lilith has performed at the Edmonton Comedy Festival, was the FIRST full time Drag Queen cast member in a show at Jubilations Dinner Theatre ("Orange is the New Pink"), and has opened for queer icons such as Peaches and Scott Thompson ("The Kids in the Hall")!
When not on tour, Lilith runs "Drag Dinner Theatre" at the Yellowhead Brewery, and can be found at nightclubs across the province with her signature blend of live sung parodies, and absurdist monologues!

Teen Jesus Barbie

Teen Jesus Barbie was immaculately conceived in the fertile underbelly of Vancouver's East Side. The love child of a table top dancer and a bottle of whiskey, Teen Jesus Barbie began as the hostess of Tranarexia, a weekly queer variety show at the Milk Bar in the legendary Lotus Hotel. In the early 2000's she worked on stages, fashion runways, night clubs and even indie films, all over beautiful Vancouver. After a two year stunt in Montreal, she moved to Edmonton, Alberta and began collaborating with this cities finest and freakiest Queens and clubs. Always dreaming of more, in 2003 she began the local non-profit Fruit Loop, and spent 5 years raising funds and love for Edmonton's LGBTQ community. That same year she joined the budding House of Homo-Cidal and has worked closely with them ever since. In 2016 she participated in Edmonton's first ever "Drag Storytime" at the Public Library, serving it to the children (but mostly their parents). Currently Teen Jesus Barbie is still running events with her house sisters at Metro Cinema at the Garneau Theatre, Drag Brunch at the Yellowhead Brewery and making occasional appearances at Edmonton's finest long running events, such as Hail Mary Have Mercy and Evolution Wonderlounge. Teen Jesus Barbie brings light, love and laughter, wherever she goes, while also turning looks and serving camp comedy to the audiences she adores so much.


Soo She

Soo She is the Harajuku dominatrix of drag. Blending the softness of kawaii fashion with the hardness of BDSM. She's been doing drag for 2 years and has blown up the scene with her one of a kind personality and stage presence. From Teenage Dirtbag to Bombastic Love, she can perform with the same quirky stripperesque attitude and win your heart! With a punk club kid aesthetic she'll give you everything you never knew you needed!

Johnny Angel

What do you get when you mix trash and glamour? Johnny Angel of course! Johnny has been a favorite in the YEG drag community for the last 5 years, in which she has won many local drag awards. She is known for her beauty, her drops, and her racy sense of humor. You may have seen her around town as she has had an opportunity to perform at many of the events popping up around the city!  Also a member of the Haus of Homo-cidal one of Edmontons longest running grad groups! Her sense of humor makes her a great option as a host or MC for your event. If you're looking for a good time, you've found it with JJo


Morgen Fair

Morgen Fair has been a staple of the Edmonton Drag Scene, performing at venues and events all over Edmonton and across Western Canada since 2014! Whether you like classic oldies, dance, disco, top 40 or anything in between, she’ll help you live your skinniest fantasy while she performs it for you!

Ivy League

Ivy League is one of Edmonton's most vibrant and eclectic queens. Whether you're craving glamour, comedy, dance, or high energy-- this ever-evolving beauty isn't afraid to use her unique blend of classic and contemporary drag to make your event unforgettable. Oh, and she's a great host too! This kind, professional and talented entertainer is perfect for any occasion and she can't wait to work with you!


Andra Jini

Andra Jini is an odd one to say the least. Shes glam, spooky, and a little disgusting. You never know what will come from her performances and neither does she! This ball of energy always has something up her sleeve and will gag you with her tiny cinched waist.

Dyxson Kuntz

His dick is made of silicone and it is better than yours.
As his name suggests, Dyxson Kuntz is humorous, sexual, and ridiculous. Using his dad bod and embodying hyper masculine characters he enjoys mocking gender roles in a light hearted manner. This young urban stud has a refined sense of taste and always stands out in a crowd. In his flashy fashionable suits, Dyxson is a metrosexual fantasy brought to life. Get ready to scream because his performances leave audiences chanting his name for more!


Pheromone Kills

This Ferociously Fun and Fierce Queen comes to put on a show! She’s sure to have you cheering for more. Pheromone’s unconventional looks and sophisticated attitude have the Edmonton drag scene gagging! Come for the Sass and stay for the hot Ass, henny!


Imani is a Gender Queer Drag Queen that’s loves to flip the script. She loves spinning, twerking and feeling her oats. She has recently been seen hosting the POC show at Evolution Wonderlounge as well as her very own shows at Yellowhead Brewery. It was no surprise to see her opening for Shangela as she is a death drop queens who's drop dead gorgeous!!! She hopes you enjoy the show!


Kat Marlowe Minorah

Kat Marlowe Minorah is equal parts class and ass. With her dance background and her comedic style, she could entertain any crowd (or she hopes, at least). Kat thrives as a quirky host, but also slays a power ballad on occasion. Whatever kind of routine you’re looking for, she can deliver, and leave you wanting to see more!


Edmonton’s emerging goddess of the stage, Artasia is a sexy, seductive and naughty queen. She has been awing the crowd and having people questioning their sexuality. With energetic dance moves, this queen is here to stay and here to slay.


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