Meet Our Calgary Entertainers

"It's a good thing I was Born a girl, otherwise I'd be a Drag Queen" Dolly Parton
"Drag knows no gender, we will gladly hire you Miss Dolly" PQ*

Party Queens* is proud to feature some of the biggest names in #YYCDrag representing a healthy dose of the incredible diversity our community has to offer. Be it glamorous, spooky, comedic, dancey, high energy, seductive or some classic diva drag we absolutely have a queen for you!

While we would love to feature every entertainer on here our Drag Scene grows larger and larger everyday rendering it difficult to add every entertainer to our growing roster. Despite this, if you have specific need or don't see one of your favourite performers below, we won't be shy in finding the perfect performer for you.

Ivy League

Hello, me again...Business in the front, party in the back-- this science queen is looking like a snack! Eclectic, energetic, and ever-evolving Ivy League puts on one hell of a show; whether you're craving glamour, camp, seduction, comedy, or high energy performance this queen delivers! With over a dozen awards and titles under her belt, and her ability to make anyone and everyone feel special, you know you're in for a fabulous time if Ivy is involved.


Lilith Fair

Co-creator of The House of HOMO-CIDAL, and Artistic Director of 50% Fruit Productions; Lilith Fair is one of Alberta's top theatre Queens!
A noted comedienne, Lilith has performed at the Edmonton Comedy Festival, was the FIRST full time Drag Queen cast member in a show at Jubilations Dinner Theatre ("Orange is the New Pink"), and has opened for queer icons such as Peaches and Scott Thompson ("The Kids in the Hall")!
When not on tour, Lilith runs "Drag Dinner Theatre" at the Yellowhead Brewery, and can be found at nightclubs across the province with her signature blend of live sung parodies, and absurdist monologues!

Shane Onyou

This silver fox started performing close to 3 years ago. With an old school style and look, Shane loves to mingle with the crowd when able. With his swinging signature style and eyes to melt your heart, Shane Onyou is the sugar daddy of the scene. He's darling, dashing and can be spotted at many various venues throughout the year. Fall in love with the warm fuzzies he gives off!!


Duke Carson

A YYC local, Duke Carson has been crusin’ Calgary's drag scene since 2014. In 2018, he was the first Calgarian and Drag King to win the title of Alberta’s Drag Superstar. Like your favorite dad rock radio station, Duke draws inspiration from the ’70s, '80s, and more to produce nostalgic performances that even today’s kids can bop to. Slidin' into your hearts, it’s Duke Carson!

Karla Marx

Karla Marx, the First Comrade of Your Heart, puts the Mao in LMAO! She’s no decadent capitalist queen – she’s a Glamour Comrade: a hardcore Socialist revolutionary … of love. Karla started on stage hosting burlesque and drag shows, performing with Cabaret Calgary, GLOC (Glamorous Legends of Calgary), Fake Mustache, Shock Therapy Drag, and Commercial Drag in Vancouver, as well as stages all across western Canada. 


Karla is a drag queen, MC, artistic director of photography and fashion, and a working transfemme model. She is proud to be a member of the Cabaret Calgary Board and serve as an artistic director of GoGo Battles. 


Anne Xiety

Anne Xiety is the hairy, long legged, clown princess of Calgary. Known for her ridiculous gags, props, stunts, and camp, Anne always leaves an audience confusedly aroused and doubled over with laughter! You never truly know what to expect when Anne walks out but, whatever it is, it's always a good time!


What's bold and bendy and always naked? Her-Mena! Blurring the line between glamour and gore, this queen is a showstopping mix of hell and high heels. With her signature style and Latina heat, she's an enigmatic contortion on the stage that you won't forget... And an experience you'll want to remember.