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Meet Our Edmonton Entertainers

"It's a good thing I was Born a girl, otherwise I'd be a Drag Queen" Dolly Parton
"Drag knows no gender, we will gladly hire you Miss Dolly" SMC

Party Queens is proud to feature some of the biggest names in #YEGDrag representing a healthy dose of the incredible diversity our community has to offer. Be it glamorous, haunting, comedic, dancey, high energy, seductive or some classic diva drag, we absolutely have a performer for you!


While we would love to feature all performers, our Drag Scene grows larger and larger every day, rendering it difficult to add every entertainer to our growing roster. Despite this, if you have a specific need or don't see one of your favourite performers below, let us know and we won't be shy in finding the perfect fit for your event!

Jizz Elle

Jizz Elle (She/Her) is a chic and campy gender-bending popstar who can turn a look and perform the haus down boots! Her drag aesthetic is eclectic, alluring, sexy, and full of good vibes and high energy. Her name is a metaphor for the masculine and feminine, as she embodies both. You’ll always be curious what she has up her sleeve as she allures the audience with her grace and bravery; as a being of creativity, intellect, and confidence. Her main goal is to uplift souls and be a reminder that love exists everywhere.

jizzelle wensite.jpeg

Gemma Nye

Hi hi, it’s Gemma Nye! A kaleidoscope of glitter and hairspray, Gemma Nye is a nonbinary drag clown and the CEO of Party Queens*!

From bubblegum pop to emo and rock, Gemma brings their creativity into every look and lipsync.

They were voted Best Host at the 2022 Stiletto Awards, proving they're a force to be reckoned with when they have a mic in hand! Gemma is also the current reigning Mx. Evolution representing trans and nonbinary drag at Evolution Wonderlounge!

This clown brings the party wherever they go - book them with Emmonia for double the fun!

gemma nye.jpeg


Artasia is Edmonton's sexiest goddess of the stage. You'll be fascinated with her style as she likes to bring her very own creative and handmade outfits exuding fun, excitement and vivaciousness! She has received titles such as Entertainer of the Year, Performer of the Year, and Favourite Costume.

Hailing from the Philippines, this POC Queen awes the crowd every time with her agile moves and her gorgeous smile.

With energetic dance moves, she is here to stay and here to slay!


Calling all Punk-Rockers, the Queen of Scene is ready to party.

Mixing elements of glam, grunge, and horror, Emmonia has established herself as Edmonton’s Queen of all things alternative! With ample hosting experience, she also has multiple titles under her belt from “Break-through Performer” at the 2021 Stilletto Awards to “Scream Ghoul Edmonton” 2021.

From campy costumes to high energy concepts, Emmonia is ready to bring the “WOW” factor to your event!



Performing is this queen's life force! Born and raised in Edmonton, Pepper was a club favourite back in the day! 

After exploring Toronto and the Niagara region, they are back home and ready to rock. 

A hurricane of pop culture, colour, and all the moves to shake the house down. Their charm is contagious, their spice is savoury, and their party is on!

Get yourself a taste and enjoy the show. Party people meet Pepper,  it's gonna be spicy!

You can catch Pepper on TV every Wednesday as the star of OutTV’s Call Me Mother Season 2!

rom 1_edited.jpg


 Dynamite comes in small packages . . . and this five-foot nightmare is here to rock your world!

Hailing from the legendary Haus of Hymen, Romulus is the nonbinary-sensation hitting stages and prowling across tables near you!

Everything about Romulus is the definition of precise: their outfits, cut creases and contour, and their striking dance moves are sure to leave you with chills.

They also pack a punch and can slay any genre from R&B to heavy metal!

Their gender presentation in drag is as versatile as their skill set - kings, queens, and in-betweens acknowledge Romulus as a true force to reckon with.

Whether you’re throwing a heavenly bridal shower or demonic seance, Romulus is surely the drag-entity suitable for the job!


The spicy Latinx baby Bratz doll will take you to another planet! Having only a few years of experience under her belt, Venus has taken the scene by storm and is always ready to turn the party with some Y2K anthems or Spanish hits!

With big hoops comes big personality, and we promise this club kid queen will always deliver both.

Book her with Mars Dawn to double the fun and take your party to outer space!

ruby hymen_edited.jpg

Ruby Hymen

Ruby Hymen has been dragging out the prairies - and most of Canada - for over a decade!

With her quick wit, campy performances,  and endless drag talents, Ruby has held several titles over the last 10 years including Miss Gay Regina 21, Entertainer of the Year in Calgary, Alberta, and most recently, Empress 41 of the ISCRW. 

Ruby’s talents don’t start and end with drag - she’s also a seamstress, jewelry crafter, and has been known to bang out some spectacular wigs. Creating stunning looks for every budget, she’s created some of the fiercest outfits for local performers and touring RuPaul’s Drag Race Queens!

This daring Diva is also the fabulous mother of the iconic Haus of Hymen!! Catch her hosting regular brunches at Spotlight Cabaret among other regular shows around the city!

Ladonna Cree

Ladonna Cree is a local dancing queen legend.. She has been entertaining #YEG for the past 30 years with her quick-wit and on-point drag routines. Ladonna regularly lipsyncs to Madonna, Lady Gaga, Liza and more. As a Zumba instructor, she can bring moves to any party. Ladonna has hosted numerous fundraisers and local shows including Bingo, Wedding Showers, Retirement Parties, Corporate Events and Birthday Shows. Her outfits vary from today's fashions to pageant glamour. Her passion for inclusivity is part of her friendly spirit. Whether you're booking for a small party or a larger event, Ladonna has you and your guests covered.

ladonna cree_edited.jpg

Onika Xtravaganza

Onika Xtravaganza is stunning on another level. She is polished, passionate & phenomenal. Onika first performed back in July of 2021 and has been conquering the Edmonton drag scene since then. When you see her on stage, you already know that you’re in for an ultra-feminine performance and incredibly glamorous looks from head to toe. Whatever happens, Onika Xtravaganza is the diva you won’t forget! 

Margaret Snatcher

Margaret is beauty, grace and will yeehaw all over the place! This high energy performer comes from Middle of Nowhere, Alberta, and she’s always ready to rock the party! She loves her country tunes and her top 40 bops. This beauty will be sure to turn heads at any event!

colin bae_edited.jpg

Colin Bae

This thaddy will bring the swagger and all the white boy dance moves your heart desires ! He thinks he's pretty fly for a white guy, but truth be told, dude is a big softy at heart. This short drink of masculinity will undoubtedly make his way into your heart.  Available for bachelorettes, weddings, divorce parties, graduation, your bar/bat-mitzvah, and everything in between! He’ll always leave you wanting more, more, more!

Jojo Mojo

Jojo is the Harajuku dominatrix of drag, blending the softness of kawaii fashion with the hardness of BDSM. Since starting drag, they have blown up the scene with their one of a kind personality and stage presence. From Teenage Dirtbag to Bombastic Love, they can perform with the same quirky stripper-esque attitude and win your heart! With a punk club kid aesthetic they'll give you everything you never knew you needed!

jojo mojo.jpg


All the way from the Rocky Mountains, it’s Plastika! Plastika is everyone’s favourite Y2K pop diva! Performing for just over 4 years In Edmonton and Jasper, Plastika knows how to start a party! Known for her sexy dance moves or making everyone laugh, she will make sure any party she is at is one to remember!

Audrina Linn

This 90’s pop diva knows how to serve you perfectly styled hair, the face of a model, and a stunning back-bend! Audrina hails from the House of Hymen and is the current reigning Miss Evolution 2022! With accolades, a thriving wig-styling business, and her uniquely sassy and sarcastic humour, Audrina brings it all and is sure to delight at any bachelorette, backyard BBQ, or classic hoedown! 

Audrina Linn_edited.jpg

Mars Dawn

Mars Dawn is the inter-galactic doll of your dreams. She may be from another dimension, but she can still strut it out, walk a mile, and serve it Edmonton style! She’s a conceptual club kid performer who’ll send you into orbit! Book her with Venus for double the out-of-this world fun!

gabe itch_edited.jpg

Gabe Itch

Gabe Itch is like an old school juke box that got a few upgrades. Rocking it out to 50’s to 80’s classics with a sprinkle of throwback pop and a hint of today’s hits. A LatinX gender-bender blurring the lines between masculine and feminine this Drag Ace is sure to bring the excitement and comedy.

Heading Felicia Bonée

Can I get a “Hi Felicia!” As a fierce trans queen with a heart of gold, Felicia Bonée is an outspoken activist and regular on the Alberta drag circuit. Appearing on OutTV’s original drag competition show, Call Me Mother, Felicia is here to turn a look, turn a lip sync and turn the party! Book her with Mis-ter Risqué as an exciting and spicy duo!

Felicia bonee.jpg

Mis-Ter Risqué

Mis-Ter Risqué is here to bring the drag king edge like only he can. Doing drag for only 3 years, he has already hit milestones like opening for the Canada’s Drag Race S2 Tour and assisting in hosting & producing shows locally. Though he may be small, with his seductive moves and charming smile, he will win you over …. and he’ll do it clad in a harness! Book him with Felicia Bonée to double the fun!


She’s sexy she’s slutty and she’s a little stupid, Camren is always ready to turn the party. Serving legs for days and face face face, this 7’0 tall glamazon will leave you screaming her name and gagging for more!


Hunny Moon

Hunny Moon is the chronically ill, disabled, trans, nonbinary space cowboy of your dreams! This filthy clown is freaky, fun, and ready to make your jaw drop, with tricks and treats around every corner, you never know what your going to get! They may be a newbie on the scene, but they are making waves both in person and online. 

As winner of Pageantinta: Club Kid Couture, and now starting to produce their own shows at Evolution Wonderlounge, Hunny is here to celebrate the sexy, nasty, and beautiful! Take a trip to the moon, it’s a whole lot nicer up here!

hunny moon website_edited.jpg
honey dijon_edited.jpg

Honey Dijon

Honey Dijon is blazing through Edmonton’s scene, always bringing the hype and entertainment to any stage she’s on! Her background in cheerleading has her bringing the moves and energy alive in any crowd. With her mix of soul and dance moves, Honey will leave you feeling sweet and always wanting more!

Jennie Talia

What happens when you mix the young influencer girl next door and the artistic goth girl down the street? You get Jennie Talia of course! Jennie is your plus-size pop Princess meets salt water sea witch! She is also the current reigning Mx. Gay Edmonton 34! Whether she’s high-kicking and hair-flipping or performing burlesque, Jennie is the total package.

jennie talia_edited.jpg


Born and raised in the tranquil mountains of Greece, Orpheus is here to serve you some Mediterranean heat. He will split and strip his way into your heart, and fulfill some desires you never knew you had! If you’re lucky, this gorgeous Greek god may even take you to Mount Olympus. Book him with Voula Callas to double the Greek shenanigans!

Voula Callas

A descendant from sirens spoken only in myth, Voula has been charming sailors and crowds since the dawn of time. Known for her fierce lip syncing and graceful dance moves, come see what all the fuss is about! Channeling glamour from every decade, Voula’s beauty is timeless and regal. It’s the Greek starlet: Voula Callas. Book her with Orpheus for a total Greek glamour package! 

image0 copy.jpeg


Born and raised in Amiskwaciwaskahikan, Etherea is here to represent her 2Spirit Trans Métis Indigeneity in the Edmonton drag world.Not only does she have the honour of being the first PQ Pageantinta Live! Winner, she also won the first Saturday Night Smackdown tag-team belts with her bestie Gurlquisha. If you love pop music of all sorts, Etherea is your girl! She performs teen pop to contemporary pop and most of all, K-Pop! If you want choreography and face, then you found the right queen!

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