Meet Our Toronto Entertainers

"It's a good thing I was Born a girl, otherwise I'd be a Drag Queen" Dolly Parton
"Drag knows no gender, we will gladly hire you Miss Dolly" SMC

Party Queens is proud to feature some of the biggest names in #YYZDrag representing a healthy dose of the incredible diversity our community has to offer. Be it glamorous, spooky, comedic, dancey, high energy, seductive or some classic diva drag we absolutely have a queen for you!


While we would love to feature every queen on here our Drag Scene grows larger and larger everyday rendering it difficult to add every entertainer to our growing roster. Despite this, if you have specific need or don't see one of your favourite performers below, we won't be shy in finding the perfect performer for you.

Van Goth

Van Goth is Toronto’s painting come to life, always bringing hair, makeup and looks to the party. Known for her magnetic personality and killer performances, Van is an entertainer you won’t soon forget. Most notably she has been featured in IN Magazine’s 2021 July/August Issue and placed 4th in Absolut Empire’s Ball Season 2. Catch Van on all social platforms @itsvangoth and book her to bring the D - I - V - A to your next event.


Steak is a professionally trained, Toronto based, dancing queen who is the current and longest reigning Crews and Tango’s Drag Race winner from 2019. After starting drag in 2018, she has become a regular performer within the Toronto Gay Village.Her drag can be described as the perfect blend of beauty, dance, and stupidity. As a proud trans queen, she also pushes herself to be a representative for her community and to remind everyone that the trans community isn’t going anywhere! So if you’re in the mood for a glamorous and silly dancing diva, what do you say?: “I’ll have the steak!”

Double the Trouble

Book Van Goth and Steak together for a discounted rate and a party to end all other parties. This Duo has performed and hosted events together for over a year, bringing comedy, live performances, games, and much much more.


She's beauty, she's grace, she'll kick you in the face, here comes SEVERINA! Edmonton's resident prop queen: bringing you fans, blades, whips, chains, and a whole lot of fantasy. Her feline grace, comic book/ video game references, and dangerously good looks make this Inuit/Scandinavian trans queen goddess one to watch. Surrender to the lust, and we guarantee by the time she walks off the stage, she will have you praying to Aphrodite for mercy.